patent2ip is a full-service worldwide intellectual property firm. We specialize in highly technical patent services including prosecution, evaluation, and strategic consulting. Our firm is able to provide the highest protection for businesses and endeavors on a worldwide scale through our depth of technical and intellectual property experts in every field, acclaimed patented evaluation techniques, and affiliations with firms in every country. We are able to serve any business size, from single inventor to Fortune 500 company portfolios, providing the best intellectual property protection and strategy for every corner of the globe.


patent2ip is a spin-off and member of se2quel Partners Group of Companies, providing an unparalleled worldwide presence and infrastructure for all business needs. se2quel, with over 150 employees, consultants and partners, covering multiple industries, offers a diverse range of services, including business development, development of global organizations, marketing & communication, executive search & human resource management, and merger, acquisition and divestiture strategies. patent2ip and se2quel, together, provide unified services to companies and individuals worldwide.