provides our clients with customized IP portfolio based on their business needs. Our goal is to add value to our clients’ existing IP portfolio, build a competitive new one, and guard against IP infringement.

+Technical Expertise - Experts From Different Sectors


  Computer Science & IoT

  Cleantech & Renewables

  Mechanical Engineering

  Electrical Engineering

  Nuclear Engineering

  Chemical Engineering




  Consumer Products & more

  International Network of Scientists & IP Professionals

+360º IP Protection & Evaluation

   Patented 360º IP Evaluation

  Assess Current IP Strengths & Weaknesses

   Plan for a Protected Future

  Start at any phase – Idea, Invention or Product & Application

+Excellence in IP Management - Your IP Department

   In-House IP

   IP Portfolio Full Administration Services

  Cloud-Based IP Software & Management

  Forecast & Financial Budgeting

+International Presence

  Americas, Asia & Europe Based Staff

  Affiliate Attorneys & IP Professionals Worldwide

  Complete Protection with Global Coverage

+One Stop Shop

   Patent Filing, Prosecutions & Translation

  Intellectual Property Strategy & Development

  Landscaping & Prior Art Searches

  Patent Portfolio Analysis, Management & IP Hosting

   Intellectual Property Cost Reduction Assessment

   Technical Advisors & Specialists